How to use Ninja SMS to get Chat Heads on Android Phone

You will probably be familiar with Chat Heads feature; if you are one of those that have been making use of Facebook Messenger for quite some time now. Chat Heads however are those hovering icons that emerge on your screen anytime you get a new message.

Chat Heads are a great feature for the reason that you can read and reply to messages without having to switch between apps. You can also use Chat Heads for your SMS contacts with the Ninja SMS app.

Ninja SMS is an application for Android, which brings Chat Head functions to text messaging. It also comes with a number of features including a message encryption, good-looking and elegant interface as well as Emorji support, in addition to Chat Heads.

Getting Started with Ninja SMS

You can use Ninja SMS on any Android device that is running Android 2.3 or newer version. Download and install the app right from the Play Store. You have to set it as your default SMS app, once you have installed it. This will vary according to Android version and device. Go into Settings > Moreā€¦ > Default SMS app if you are on Android 4.4 and select SMS Ninja.

If you are using the earlier versions, all you have to do is to head straight to default messaging app and get the Auto-retrieve and Notifications disabled for MMS. Go to Notifications Settings in Ninja SMS and ascertain that notifications are enabled, once you have done that.

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