Download Viber for test the Newest Features of Viber

Viber new features are more impressing. People are loving its new features. You can make a custom stickers and much more. Stickers are just the most ideal path for us to convey what needs be in a talk, and on Viber billions of stickers are sent in visits consistently. Take speaking to the following step with the articulations that really state it for you and make your personal pack of stickers.

You can make stickers and it can became what you want, for instance, your group of companions pronouncing what they typically state, flaunting your charming young doggie doing delightful things, a trinket of your last occasion, or a unique pack for a major occasion coming up. You choose – it’s your sticker pack!

We are happy to tell that you can make your own custom logos and stickers in a Viber app. Dispatching logos, stickers and much more enhancing your face, individuals, spots, your preferred idioms, and it is just the starting.

First interactive Voting BOT Launched by Viber

The Viber Bots’ dynamic nature has made greater energy to the fans who watched on tv. It not just permits them casting a ballot abilities for their preferred exhibitions however a portion of the intriguing remarks from the fans are additionally live broadcast.

Viber, the world’s driving informing application has collaborated with well-known moving unscripted television program, “Derana City of Dance” to dispatch the main intelligent BOT in Sri Lanka.

Known as the top notch pleasure channel-TV Derana and home for some, mainstream unscripted TV dramas, appreciates great nearby huge fan base. As a piece of their development system, the television channel has been correctly utilizing on-line lifestyles stages to make realization of their Viber BOT and sticker packs.

Inside the underlying dispatch of the association, it has seen huge reaction from its watchers and thus have chosen to add progressively up and coming unscripted TV dramas to the BOT, pointing of achieving comparable commitment from the clients.

To draw in with it, via a profound connection they will have the choice to collaborate unreservedly with the BOT all the time and enthusiasts of the unscripted TV drama need to install the altered sticky label pack of ‘Derana City of Dance. During the most important week alone, it figured out how to pull in 145,000 clients and around roughly 40,000 supporters of the BOT.

These valuable sticker packs incorporate real big names in Sri Lanka, for example, Sajith Anthony, Kevin Nugara Pooja Umashanker, and Sathish Hettithanthri who are included in the unscripted TV drama.

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