Bixby is a new Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant from Samsung

Bixby is a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) virtual assistant from Samsung, which was recently announced and it has been scheduled to come with the new Samsung S8. According to a post from Samsung, Bixby will contain features that have never been found on any mobile virtual assistant. However, Samsung is working hard to make Bixby a great rival to the big boys of AI in phones – Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant. Of course, Bixby is different. These are what makes it different and why you should prefer it to others.

Ability to translate more languages than others

According to latest rumor from Samsung, we are told that smart Bixby has the ability to translate more languages than its rivals – Siri and Google Assistant. Bixby has the ability to recognize and translate over 50 languages while Siri can only translate 30 languages; although Google Assistant does not have an official number it can translate but we believe it is around 30 languages.

Bixby is easy to access and has a card-centric user interface

Unlike Siri and Google Assistant, you can easily access Bixby on the new Samsung S8 smartphone because the smartphone has a button on it that is dedicated to the AI virtual assistant. This has made it easy to access and use (even the visually impaired can comfortably use it) anytime. Also, the developers integrated a type of user interface that allows users to save cards, which can serve as a reminder for later use.

Bixby can hear, can see and can talk

When firstly used, Bixby will connect to Samsung’s contacts, messages, settings, camera and all other native apps so that it can see and talk when you command it to do so. Are you amazed? This feature has made Bixby unique and different from all other virtual assistants. With this, Bixby will be able to see and do things for you like translate languages, shop, search by images and more. For example, you can direct your phone’s camera to something and ask Bixby to give you info about it. Moreover, Samsung was able to show us how we can tell Bixby to capture something and send it to someone in your contact in a demo.

Finally, with these features, we now believe Samsung is up to something and the application seems to be more useful than Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. However, we still look forward to more amazing features from Bixby.

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