Google Play’s Malicious Intent

With the way apps and how we acquire them have been ingrained into our culture, it is often forgotten the monumental impact that they can really have. The apps themselves will determine how we spend our time and sometimes be the tools to help us out in life. Along with this, the actual downloading process of them, despite having grown mundane to many, can also be incredibly important – they can be a simple and easy method or something harmful to a person’s devices.

One of the biggest players in the downloadable marketplace is the Google Play Store. This is the app store meant for Android users that offers a vast array of apps for individuals to choose from, somewhere in the millions of available selections. It is run and operated by its parent company Google, a giant in the tech game of its own right, and boasts the ability to make downloading quick and easy with Android compatible apps.

But lately there has been a stir among the Google Play Store’s users and professionals in the field about the platform’s monitoring of the apps it features on its site. In recent times, there arose an issue for the company regarding adware and other harmful software being implemented into the apps it has available. Presumably, these have been done without the knowledge of the company, but users still aren’t happy with the overlooking of these issues and claim a lack of appropriate response from the tech giant.

The cause of the current trouble the Google Play Store is facing? A mass unveiling of detrimental adware that targets a person’s smart devices – the ones that have been used to download these apps. According to one report, there has been over two-hundred apps affected by the problem and an estimated millions of downloads in question. It has been advised that people uninstall the attributed harmful applications immediately to prevent further damage that could be inflicted.

The increasing pressure on the Google Play Store and its parent company to better handle the situations affecting its users has grown tremendously. Each new scandal has lead to more and more outrage toward the platform that has not been sufficiently abated according to the app store’s core base of people. It is unsure where the company will go from here but it is clear to many that changes need to be made to prevent future accidents like this one.

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