Customize Colors and Emoji for Every Chat with Facebook Messenger

With the Facebook messenger app, it is now possible for you to customize colors and Emoji for each chat. This is in view of the fact that Facebook is making efforts to incorporate some useful latest features into the Messenger before the end of 2015.

It was made known by the company recently that Photo Magic that makes use of facial detection to make the procedure of sharing photos with friends simple is rolling out to users far and wide and extensively too.

The app will automatically offer to send your picture to any of your Facebook friends found to be in the shot, if you give the app authorization to access your photos.

If you are the type that constantly forgets to send photos around after night out, family event, or party, this latest development from Facebook is a big help – and Facebook declares that the holidays are the time more popular for picture sharing. Facebook is now managing the grunt work, identifying which of your friends are in the frame and allowing you to share those pictures with with just a click, as a replacement for making you thumb through the camera roll of your phone.

If you are bored of the sharing suggestions, or probably don’t want Facebook to analyze your pictures, you can turn off Photo Magic.

As the Facebook messenger is getting more customizable today, you now have the option of choosing dissimilar colors for the text froth in each chat, select a different set of emoji, or give people nicknames that will supersede the default collection. All and sundry in a conversation sees these changes, whether it is enormous group chat or a one-on-one conversation.

This is not a Facebook Messenger without a number of winter tricks introduced. Interestingly, anytime you send a snow-related sticker, emoji or Santa Chrismas tree to somebody, Facebook will equally make it snow right on Android, and users will once more see that snowflakes will be falling for any chat heads opened on screen.

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