What Happens when Hook-up Hot or Not App Allows Both Kids and Adults?

Hook-up Hot or Not App is designed for people who are 18 years of age and above to hook-up with each other as the name implies. But what will happen when this hook-up allows both kids and adults to use this app? It was gathered an Indiana teenager (Zach Anderson) was just sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for sleeping with a 14-year old girl who claimed and told him that she was 17 years old. Both of them met on the Hot or Not hook-up app.

In the past, all the available apps on the cyber space have unequivocally mandated that all their users must be over 18 or 21, whichever is the local age of majority. However, Hot or Not app admits whoever is more than 13 years, which is the unconditional minimum age set by a 1998 law that governs the online privacy of children. Down app (previously Bang With Friends) affirms that its website in not prearranged to catch the attention of children, but never frown at their participating.

In the meantime, despite proscribing the solicitation of personal information from anybody below the age of 18, behemoth Tinder openly welcomes users who are underage. As a matter of fact, Justin Mateen of Tinder boasted in February 1974 that more than 7 percent of all users are between 13 and 17.

But the question is that; is inviting teenagers to participate in the hook up Hot or Not app that involves lots of above users who are above 18 years of age is a responsible or even a remotely smart idea?

It is noteworthy that there must be higher responsibility on the part of those who create and develop apps. This is in view of the fact that they are creating avenue for strangers to hook up or meet with each other, and they are not realizing that young people are particularly vulnerable in those circumstances or situations.

Of course, to the credit of these app developers, nearly all of these apps do assert to separate the above-18s from the below-18s. That is only a claim because there are no noticeable protective measures in place. And questionably, by welcoming teenagers in to start with, hook-up apps are engaging them to falsify or lie concerning their age.

Fro example, Tinder will just show adult users to other adults. But it will take you 15 minutes, and zilch hoop-jumping, to misleadingly sign up as a 14-year old seeking hook up. On the other hand, Meet Me – a Web-oriented hook-up had very similar process.

Do hook-up apps including Hot or Not app have any commitment to save underage users from harm? Looking at it from the legal point of view, this is not real. The federal order that regulates and controls how Internet companies interact with kids (COPPA), only applies to children who are younger than 14.

It was clearly stated in the Terms of Service of Hot or Not app that they are not accountable or liable for whatever you say or post. Hence, parents beware and take time to monitor your kids on any hook-up platform.

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