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Ways to find out if your Partner is Cheating on Whatsapp


Do you think your partner is cheating on you? If you find yourself in this situation, WhatsApp can give you a hand to find out the truth. Over the Internet, one technique to investigate if your wife or husband has

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Bixby is a new Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant from Samsung


Bixby is a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) virtual assistant from Samsung, which was recently announced and it has been scheduled to come with the new Samsung S8. According to a post from Samsung, Bixby will contain features that have never

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Google Pixel SmartPhones will get updates till next year only


System updates are the most important aspect of any operating system. In Android-only Google Pixels and Nexus series, one will get the update as they are released. And other companies wait much longer to get those latest updates of Android.

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Skype made the Microsoft’s messaging strategy coherent


According to an analysis done in 2015, after so many years, Microsoft strategy worked out, abut there is one product where its hard work is starting to appear coherent – at least in this whole competitive environment of the modern tech

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Facebook on its way to be the WeChat of the West


It is the start of the closure of the smartphone apps as you have known them to be. The analysts are considering the start of the “post apps” era, which is based on the variations in user connections that seem

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Do you know latest WeChat Messenger App features?


The WeChat application supports Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Phones plus the Web-based OS X and Windows clients. For these systems, the user needs to install the app first in his or her mobile for authentication. These apps don’t provide any roaming or ‘Moments’ facility.

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