Facebook on its way to be the WeChat of the West

It is the start of the closure of the smartphone apps as you have known them to be. The analysts are considering the start of the “post apps” era, which is based on the variations in user connections that seem driven, in a bigger part, by the elevation of the dominant chatting platforms planned to be consumed more and more by the mobile’s customers. It shows that the messaging apps will get famous than social media apps in next two years.

According to a new report which is made by a survey of mobile’s customers in China, UK, and the US, the speculations are made about the messaging platforms taking over the other apps, like the usage of the video apps has declined by 4% points between the last two years.  While the usage of the standalone app has gone down by 3% points, in consecutive years. And social media apps are used far less than the previous years, 2% points as compared to the messaging apps whose usage is increased by 3% points in the same period. The shopping and monetary apps also shown a tremendous growth of 4% points apiece.


In past few years, Facebook has created a conscious work out too for driving the usage of its messenger app by users, by shutting off the ability of mobile phone users to see the Facebook messages unless they get the messenger app on their phones. This plan may have boosted the usage of Facebook social media app.

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However, it raised the usage of Facebook Messenger app up to 1 billion users each month. The company also has got the WhatsApp messaging feature, which has over billion users and is mainly famous in the US, South America, and in few areas of Europe.


In China, the prominent messaging app is WeChat which has got user’s attention through a platform that fixes in all types of extra third party services, from banking to food ordering to shopping support. This is termed as the “super app” platform hosted by WeChat, but the opponents like Facebook are actively running towards the clone approach for smartphone users in the West.

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After all, China’s guarded internet services and differences in the environmental behavior may also play a  role in WeChat’s success in the country, but it is just the matter of time before the US will get its own WeChat taken-over platform in the form of Facebook.

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