Best 5 Dating Chat Apps

People argue that the internet is alienating people. At the same time, it is playing a vital role in bringing people together. In the modern society, individuals have become very busy hence they allocate less time to meet with their friends. To bind this gap, technological advancement have brought new apps to bring strangers together and create love. Dating app helps individuals find their life partners.


Tinder is a free Android app that has created a remarkable popularity grounds due to it easy use and simple setup. This app is operated using user’s Facebook account and all the details needed will be uploaded instantly. It enables operators to browse their right matches without first revealing their identities. It also has a feature that ca update status either seeing someone or single. This app enhances a high level of privacy and good user interface.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a free Android app that a person can use when they do not have adequate time to wander through many profiles searching for the right partner. The app works in a way that it sends suggestions of viable partners from your Facebook account. If people like the match sent they can like or dispose of them if they do not match.  It has a private chat room feature that helps keep partners conversation closed. It can notify operators about their mutual friends that are unlocked when people purchase a currency beans.


The hinge is a free Android app that have a very interesting feature. The app introduces the user different mutual friends who are in their Facebook accounts. It creates an interface that ensure operators eventually get their mutual match. The users are needed to log in using their Facebook account details where their details and references are recorded automatically. The app has a mechanism that generate a potential match for the on a daily basis. Because it provides a real world scenario people can work out challenges encountered quickly.


Love Flutter is a free dating app that helps bring two distant hearts together. The app compliments the use of facts rather than false personal images. If the factoid provided suits user requirements, they are allowed to dig more about those friends. It also has a feature that recommends a good dating site for the two people who are aspiring to take their friendship to the next level.


Hitch is an amazing free Android dating app. It has a feature that allow your friends propose the best match for you. If the user gets interested in the matches, they are entitled to send a reveal request. The application grants the user permission to view other person’s personal information. After that people can chat and later find a good site to meet and know each other deeply.

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