Whatsapp Messenger App Review

The Whatsapp Messenger was developed by the Whatsapp Inc., it was initially offered by the same company until when it was purchased by Facebook. The app works as an instant messaging platform and is available for the Android and other operating systems. To message and call your family and friends with this app, you will need an internet connection (2G, 3G, 4G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi). You can perfectly switch from your typical SMS to Whatsapp and enjoy sending and receiving messages, voice calls, videos, photos, and calls for free.

The app is available for Free on the First Yes although the company may charge thereafter (Current price is $0.99 annually).

Why Switch To Whatsapp Messenger ?

No Additional Fees:

Unlike your ‘normal’ SMS service, Whatsapp uses an internet connection to call and message your friends. Therefore, you will not be needed to pay for each and every message that you send.


Enjoy a super-fast multimedia messaging service by sending and receiving voice messages, videos, and photos.

Whatsapp Calling:

Cal your family and friends who have Whatsapp for free with just an internet connection and talk as for as long as you may wish. With this service, you will enjoy a HD sound quality that is not only reliable but also effective when communicating.

Group Chats:

Whatsapp allows for group chats with your contacts, therefore you can easily stay in touch with your family and friends. You can add as many as 100 people in a single group.

No International Charges:

There are no any extra charges when sending international Whatsapp messages. With this app, you will be able to chat with your friends and family across the world without an additional charge.

Whatsapp Web:

With the Whatsapp web, you can send and receive messages right from the browser of your computer.

Avoid Usernames and PINs:

Just like the SMS service, Whatsapp works with your number, you will not be needed to log in into the app with Passwords/PINs and Usernames. After you have set-up the app for the first time, you will always access it once you are connected to the internet. This implies that you will always stay login, thereby never missing any messages. The app also syncs your contacts automatically making sure that you have a list of your friends who are connect on Whatsapp.

Offline Messages:

Whatsapp saves your messages when you are offline until when you are connected again. This means that if a user called or messaged you when you were offline, Whatsapp will notify you and update you after you are back online.

Recent Updates:

Lately, Whatsapp has improved its calling service, whereby you can now enjoy calling your family and friends with HD sound quality across the world over the internet. Whereas data charges may apply, it is more convenient than the cellular plans voice minutes. The design of this app was also updated. The last update was done on 21 of August, 2015. This app is currently being used by over one billion people.

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