OkCupid Dating App Review

Are you familiar with any dating app? Maybe you only know Tinder app… Well, if you aren’t yet, you have some reasons to consider OkCupid dating app and online dating site.

Facebook & Instagram sign up

This app is among the few dating apps that don’t require Facebook to sign up. You just need to create a username and a quite long profile if I may say. It is possible to link this profile to your Instagram account which is optional.

Browse Matches

In this site, u can also answer questions where you provide your answers and also your view about what potential match answer you’d like. This provides a percentage of compatibility between you and other users. Something worth noting is that you are not restricted to make your answers public since it is your profile.

OKCUPID Features

The app has a slide-out menu which contains all options including those for viewing profiles and accessing the settings. The app allows you to browse for someone you would like by tapping the “matches” option. However, this option only shows you people you could be potentially “compatible” but not those that you’ve matched with. If that interface is difficult for you, click the “quickmatch” option.

However, you can only view photos in this option. You can either message or like people but messaging is most preferable. Users can view those who have liked them if and only if they have upgraded to “a-list” status.

OKCUPID Tips and Tricks

Just like Tinder, OkCupid has many drawbacks and a few positive ones excluding the possibility of learning much more about your potential dating partners. Moreover, the interface is exceedingly cumbersome and the photos are extremely small. To view a larger version of the small image you have to tap it for it to enlarge. You can also tap the person’s profile which is surpassingly large for an app. Therefore, it might best work on a dating website since much information would supposedly be read on a larger screen.

Free Online Dating

Using the app may be quite consuming making it difficult to access which may be annoying. Something worth noting is that there is no guarantee of returning to the same spot you scrolled down to when you exit back to the list. Hence, it makes it quite difficult for you to keep track of what you have already viewed previously. The worst thing is that you must pay for an upgrade for you to see who have liked you otherwise you can’t view.

Premium OKCUPID Features

Paying for an upgrade is very crucial since it enables you to see the five most recent visitors to your profile once you pay for it. The worst of all is that anyone can message you. Nevertheless, anyone can message you anything. It can be also irritating since they will constantly message you if you don’t reply. Much credit is given to Facebook since it helps verify a certain percentage of catfishers and bots from creating accounts.

OkCupid would lose much accountability without the help of Facebook verification.

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