Kik Messenger App Review

Offered by the Kik Interactive, the Kik Messenger is compatible by most of your android devices. This app has got some in-app purchase apart from offering you with an awesome instant messaging platform. If you are a chat addict or you just enjoy chatting with a wide array of multimedia, this app will suit you perfectly. With the Kik Messenger, you will be able to chat on your own terms.

Features of Kik Messenger

  • The many unique Kik messenger’s features has made is to attract so many people. Currently, this app is being used by over two hundred million people to connect with their family and friends. Despite the location where you meet these people, be it school, gym, other social apps, while shopping, or even in an online game you will be able to chat with them and get to know more about them via this platform. The following are some of its features:
  • Create an account without the need of your phone number. To create and account with Kik, you will only need to have a username and have your account ready. Also people will add you into their contacts by the help of a username and not your phone number.
  • Enjoy its efficient filter that lets you to make the decision of who you would like to communicate with. With this feature, you will be able to avoid stalkers and other people who are a nuisance to your privacy.
  • Ability to share what you feel like. This include videos, celebrity news, gifts, funny photos, crazy quotes, memes, and so on.
  • Create and start a public or private group where you can add up to fifty people with the help of a #hashtag.

Kik Messenger Recent Updates

Recently, the developer of this app has made very exiting improvements on this app. Its latest version is 8.7.0 that works efficiently and perfectly. With this app, you can now save videos and photos by tapping and holding them right from the conversations. The crashes and bugs that were affecting some users have been recently fixed. The app was last updated on 28th of July, 2015 and has so far been installed by a range of 100,000,000 and 500,000,000 people.

With the Kik app, you will get an awesome interaction platform that you can perfectly use in your digital purchases, sharing multimedia’s, sharing texts, and as well video and voice calls.

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