Chatting with friends could be the Best Therapy

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Chatting with friends could be the Best Therapy


After our daily hectic schedules, we always have bored or lonely feelings.  Therefore, we sort to find people whom we can share our thoughts with and express our feelings. By sharing we get relieved of our problems and find solutions.

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Tango Messaging App Company has laid off about 9% of Staff


Tango was valued at one billion dollar when Alibaba invested $280 million in it last year. Unfortunately, after a failed move into e-commerce, Tango Messaging App Company has laid off about 9 percent of its current workforce. (1 raters, 5

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Customize Colors and Emoji for Every Chat with Facebook Messenger


With the Facebook messenger app, it is now possible for you to customize colors and Emoji for each chat. This is in view of the fact that Facebook is making efforts to incorporate some useful latest features into the Messenger

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Top 5 Free Chat Rooms to Make New Friends


The following Chat Websites are some of the top free chat rooms over the internet: Enterchatroom, Zobe, Chatroulette, Chatforfree and Teenchat. The following are some of the best free chat rooms over the internet. Let’s make a short review all of them below:

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OkCupid Dating App Review


Are you familiar with any dating app? Maybe you only know Tinder app… Well, if you aren’t yet, you have some reasons to consider OkCupid dating app and online dating site. (1 raters, 5 scores, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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How to use Ninja SMS to get Chat Heads on Android Phone


You will probably be familiar with Chat Heads feature; if you are one of those that have been making use of Facebook Messenger for quite some time now. Chat Heads however are those hovering icons that emerge on your screen

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